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Open the WeChat circle of friends,
generally have the following categories: Passion: end show loving show adorable baby,
show end home show relatives cynical: without thinking everywhere eight day hair spray,
but always contradictory pride: playfully as I am,
how can have forwarded to follow suit?! Did you get hurt? Pay attention to select the current political public number,
enhance horizons,
do not despise others,
but never let people despise themselves.
Pay attention to the way: long press two-dimensional code to identify the two-dimensional code in the figure.
Copy WeChat ID,
add friends,
find WeChat.
What do you want to know about the wind direction of the national policy? You press the lookout think tank zhczyj two-dimensional code recognition attention China first think tank the public,
welcomed the attention! As the nearest Zhongnanhai think-tank approved by the Xinhua agency,
relying on the central political journal Outlook,
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Than the house of cards also dark Trump is how to make dead opponent close to the presidency of the United States.

ring nguage: when the world is not completely react,
Crazy Trump is approaching the presidency of the United states.
The Trump counter attack,
that is undergoing profound changes in American society.
This is probably so far on the Trump host the most interesting article highlights too much,
recommended reading.
The paper,
Tim Trump president the plot house of cards as of last week,
with the last Republican opponent out,
Trump no doubt become the 2016 Republican presidential candidate.
As There remained but a single one.
Republican presidential candidate,
Trump rolling wheel has started a trend which cannot be halted run over into the white house towards the front target.
The American people suddenly found themselves facing a reality: the Trump really is likely to become the president of the United States! But many people,
including Americans and people around the world who are concerned about the US presidential election,
are wondering: why? What the hell is going wrong? This Crazy would be