The Wenzhou woman driver insulted the traffic police in the street and was detained for 2 days because of this

ring e like to speak on social software such as micro-blog,
WeChat and unfamiliar streets,
but inappropriate speech can cause trouble for themselves.
The day before,
a female driver in Wenzhou due to the Cangnan traffic police ticketed dissatisfaction in Mo called police keep your dog eyes,
because an affront others were detained for 2 days.
This is the name of the driver surnamed Lu,
45 years old,
who lives in Cangnan Lingxi town.
8 May 4th morning,
Lumou parked somewhere in lingxizhen road b.
Due to stop here,
traffic police officers on duty according to law carried out copy.
In the morning,
because of dissatisfaction with the handling of traffic police Lumou,
in social software unfamiliar street has sent such a text: after the traffic police comrades ticketed to polish your dog eyes,
next to the parking spaces are deliberately occupied,
why dont you worry,
there is a bit of good heart,
at the same time,
she attached the ticket photo.
In the afternoon,
Zhous colleagues saw the above and t