The two little girls to become his stepmother quasi 27 year old guy can not stand

ring er than his younger sister,
became a fathers new girlfriend! This is not a joke,
but the 27 year old Chongqing man Cao Yu (a pseudonym) the true story.
Dad has been married and divorced many times,
and Cao Yu has got used to it.
But he never expected,
Dads new girlfriend this time,
is even smaller than himself two years old university girl! The network with the home a merry father Cao Yu,
27 years old this year,
is a real estate sales.
Unlike other mature dads,
Cao Yus dad has always been very romantic.
When he was five years old,
because of the derailment,
father and mother divorced.
Cao father and second wife gave birth to my brother,
but four years ago,
Cao father divorced.
At the moment,
Caos father lives with his brother,
while Cao Yu lives with his mother.
He goes to visit his father on weekends.
Although my father is a playboy,
he has a very good relationship with all women.
After so many years of divorce,
my stepmother often comes home to cook for my father and broth