The courier car lock Street beating a man in Beijing too.

ring express little brother was playing the event,
two days before a courier finally could not stand up,
the roads in Yuetanbeijie,
riding a tricycle on the road without a license illegal courier car lock a Beijing old man hit.
Real video released here in the video,
a Beijing old man and his theory in the front of the courier tricycle courier station,
to get out of the way the old man not to,
in a stalemate after a while,
the courier picked up the car lock at the old man.
Express anger is not small ah,
a man picked up during peaceful times,
lock head whirl,
not afraid of death! Not to say who is wrong,
hit the man,
you are wrong,
or toward an old man,
lets talk about the cause,
see who is right,
who is wrong,
can not you? Its hard to do it! If you feel reasonable,
you can call the police and take care of it.
no matter the old man to pester you,
nor can you do it,
it is easy to cause the armed assault,
intentional assault and other acts.
Now that you are well,
you have no reas