The bedroom of a different Japanese kid completely ruined my childhood

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please click on the home page at the upper right corner of the icon head! This article source: Tokyo youth (tokyomen) of the Japanese society attaches great importance to the cultivation of childrens personality,
parents will encourage their children to have some hobbies,
Japanese hemp is more attentive,
start from the childrens room,
a taste of the Japanese kids room ~ my childhood.
The first is the pink series there will always be some small playfully Princess they love most is powder ~ ~ if it is because of Meng Da daughter and small little princess disease (laughs) give her pink ~ I have the room dressed like an amusement park is a perfect space for children to grow.
The children build a small bed roof or how as if he had entered a fairy tale world of the boys room must be concise and bright room to some girls Romantic mothers can make the room decora