Perspective 3 days, tens of millions of votes, marketing budget, Procter & Gamble strong decision-making power from where?

ring ently held the World Congress on Iqiyi,
Procter & Gamble,
xiangpiaopiao four famous brand became the first to join the Iqiyi partner program partner.
P & G officials revealed a detail when they shared the meeting - from getting the advertising resources to deciding on Iqiyi,
saying that P & G only took three days! A keen insight into the phenomenon,
to realize the brand content of young in the era of television advertising,
Procter & gamble with keen market insight,
perfect products and terminal system,
excellent advertising creative,
advertising and marketing has become a benchmark in the field of long-term brand,
leading the trend and industry trend.
With the pure net content era outbreak,
Procter & gamble with a keen sense of smell,
decisive decision-making and rapid implementation,
including Iqiyi and run,
wonderful brother said,
the sun descended and other top quality content launched a multi-level in-depth cooperation,
to create a well-known population classic m