Company WeChat group, in addition to all their own liar, you are going to God!

ring ccountant in a private enterprise in Wuhan has been drawn into a WeChat group,
mostly members of the companys leadership and colleagues,
who are familiar with their names and heads.
The chairman and general manager of the company,
who claimed to be away from business,
had a hot chat,
and other colleagues reported their work in succession.
The atmosphere was warm and natural.
At this time,
the chairman of the instructions to Jiangsu a customer remittance 850 thousand yuan,
female accounting quickly handle,
after finishing,
but found that the real chairman is next door office,
immediately silly eyes.
Hongshan police disclosed to reporters a recent case of a new telecommunications fraud - liar through cloning WeChat group,
imitate the work scene layers of bedding,
the victim step by step into the trap.
the police responded quickly,
informed the relevant bank stopped 800 thousand yuan.
Police investigators warned that the liar will succeed,
mainly because the victim did