10 truths about iPhone7

ring is like an onion,
while his gossip heart,
left side curious tears.
Like iPhone7.
When iPhone6 came out,
we made up our minds,
Lao Tzu will not change,
and so on iPhone7! Out of iPhone6plus,
we still adhere to: do not change,
just wait for iPhone7! It is no exaggeration to say high hopes.
In fact,
about iPhone 7,
the big sister doesnt want to talk,
was released in September! But recently always see friends sharing a variety of iPhone7 real machine exposure figure what the big sister! In! See! No Too! Go! La Fuck all false,
these 50 Fen effects are really drunk.
As we all know,
iPhone7 is basically built by Foxconn.
Apple as the world class companies,
and Foxconn signed a confidentiality agreement,
if there is a spy photos,
Foxconn is going to be a claim; and Foxconn both worker and cleaning aunt,
can not bring any electronic equipment in the working area,
pay attention to any.
Entered the post all signed the strict secret agreement,
who dares to shoot secretly,
not only has lost the rice bow