There is an awkward call friends circle, despise the bottom of the chain

ring e are people,
there is contempt chain.
Open the WeChat circle of friends,
generally have the following categories: Passion: end show loving show adorable baby,
show end home show relatives cynical: without thinking everywhere eight day hair spray,
but always contradictory pride: playfully as I am,
how can have forwarded to follow suit?! Did you get hurt? Pay attention to select the current political public number,
enhance horizons,
do not despise others,
but never let people despise themselves.
Pay attention to the way: long press two-dimensional code to identify the two-dimensional code in the figure.
Copy WeChat ID,
add friends,
find WeChat.
What do you want to know about the wind direction of the national policy? You press the lookout think tank zhczyj two-dimensional code recognition attention China first think tank the public,
welcomed the attention! As the nearest Zhongnanhai think-tank approved by the Xinhua agency,
relying on the central political journal Outlook,
cluster - Natio

Than the house of cards also dark Trump is how to make dead opponent close to the presidency of the United States.

ring nguage: when the world is not completely react,
Crazy Trump is approaching the presidency of the United states.
The Trump counter attack,
that is undergoing profound changes in American society.
This is probably so far on the Trump host the most interesting article highlights too much,
recommended reading.
The paper,
Tim Trump president the plot house of cards as of last week,
with the last Republican opponent out,
Trump no doubt become the 2016 Republican presidential candidate.
As There remained but a single one.
Republican presidential candidate,
Trump rolling wheel has started a trend which cannot be halted run over into the white house towards the front target.
The American people suddenly found themselves facing a reality: the Trump really is likely to become the president of the United States! But many people,
including Americans and people around the world who are concerned about the US presidential election,
are wondering: why? What the hell is going wrong? This Crazy would be

10 truths about iPhone7

ring is like an onion,
while his gossip heart,
left side curious tears.
Like iPhone7.
When iPhone6 came out,
we made up our minds,
Lao Tzu will not change,
and so on iPhone7! Out of iPhone6plus,
we still adhere to: do not change,
just wait for iPhone7! It is no exaggeration to say high hopes.
In fact,
about iPhone 7,
the big sister doesnt want to talk,
was released in September! But recently always see friends sharing a variety of iPhone7 real machine exposure figure what the big sister! In! See! No Too! Go! La Fuck all false,
these 50 Fen effects are really drunk.
As we all know,
iPhone7 is basically built by Foxconn.
Apple as the world class companies,
and Foxconn signed a confidentiality agreement,
if there is a spy photos,
Foxconn is going to be a claim; and Foxconn both worker and cleaning aunt,
can not bring any electronic equipment in the working area,
pay attention to any.
Entered the post all signed the strict secret agreement,
who dares to shoot secretly,
not only has lost the rice bow

Company WeChat group, in addition to all their own liar, you are going to God!

ring ccountant in a private enterprise in Wuhan has been drawn into a WeChat group,
mostly members of the companys leadership and colleagues,
who are familiar with their names and heads.
The chairman and general manager of the company,
who claimed to be away from business,
had a hot chat,
and other colleagues reported their work in succession.
The atmosphere was warm and natural.
At this time,
the chairman of the instructions to Jiangsu a customer remittance 850 thousand yuan,
female accounting quickly handle,
after finishing,
but found that the real chairman is next door office,
immediately silly eyes.
Hongshan police disclosed to reporters a recent case of a new telecommunications fraud - liar through cloning WeChat group,
imitate the work scene layers of bedding,
the victim step by step into the trap.
the police responded quickly,
informed the relevant bank stopped 800 thousand yuan.
Police investigators warned that the liar will succeed,
mainly because the victim did

The Wenzhou woman driver insulted the traffic police in the street and was detained for 2 days because of this

ring e like to speak on social software such as micro-blog,
WeChat and unfamiliar streets,
but inappropriate speech can cause trouble for themselves.
The day before,
a female driver in Wenzhou due to the Cangnan traffic police ticketed dissatisfaction in Mo called police keep your dog eyes,
because an affront others were detained for 2 days.
This is the name of the driver surnamed Lu,
45 years old,
who lives in Cangnan Lingxi town.
8 May 4th morning,
Lumou parked somewhere in lingxizhen road b.
Due to stop here,
traffic police officers on duty according to law carried out copy.
In the morning,
because of dissatisfaction with the handling of traffic police Lumou,
in social software unfamiliar street has sent such a text: after the traffic police comrades ticketed to polish your dog eyes,
next to the parking spaces are deliberately occupied,
why dont you worry,
there is a bit of good heart,
at the same time,
she attached the ticket photo.
In the afternoon,
Zhous colleagues saw the above and t

The two little girls to become his stepmother quasi 27 year old guy can not stand

ring er than his younger sister,
became a fathers new girlfriend! This is not a joke,
but the 27 year old Chongqing man Cao Yu (a pseudonym) the true story.
Dad has been married and divorced many times,
and Cao Yu has got used to it.
But he never expected,
Dads new girlfriend this time,
is even smaller than himself two years old university girl! The network with the home a merry father Cao Yu,
27 years old this year,
is a real estate sales.
Unlike other mature dads,
Cao Yus dad has always been very romantic.
When he was five years old,
because of the derailment,
father and mother divorced.
Cao father and second wife gave birth to my brother,
but four years ago,
Cao father divorced.
At the moment,
Caos father lives with his brother,
while Cao Yu lives with his mother.
He goes to visit his father on weekends.
Although my father is a playboy,
he has a very good relationship with all women.
After so many years of divorce,
my stepmother often comes home to cook for my father and broth

ring ted - pictured Vietnamese painter Le Pho (1907-2001) works Woman in Red.
In all the paintings of Le Pho,
Kinumoto and cloth works have been regarded as a poetic and gentle representation of nature.
The women in the picture,
dressed in red,
are soft and serene in the shade of a solid flower.
Be responsible for the family is of great weight and not everyone can do well to listen -- click audio listening - alone | Yang Jin for so many years before the wind rain alone often forget is far behind the stand you dream of past is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,
wet feeling on the beach.
Each other is happy.
From then on,
life has a new meaning.
After the day is as calm as water smiles after leaving no trace since then,
always want to quiet,
away from the warmth,
alone to go out looking for a break,
to find a trace of surging waves.
One winter,
a farewell to the hustle and bustle of the city to go hiking alone,
there is a sense of guilt suddenly filled the mind.
After waking up at midnight,
remember tha